Saturday, January 8, 2011

High Temperature Plasma Electrolysis

The lab

The Lab

This is my playground.

Plasma water electrolysis


This is a simple calorimeteric device I built to help the determination of the heating power of a plasma water electrolysis (Mizuno - like experiment). I confirm that in this experiment, the heating power of the electrolysis is greater than the electrical power injected in the device. The excess energy increases as the electrolysis voltage is increased from 200 V up to 350 V (400 W input). The excess energy may be as high as 120 W. The abnormal excess heat shown here exceeds 120 watts without taking into account the gas formation and also the luminous radiation. This power is therefore definitely meaningful. I did not find in this device any classical explanation for this thermal effect and I'm examining the possibility of less classical explanations. The initial purpose of these experiments were to investigate the potential of a simple experimental device in order to confirm the results obtained by T. Mizuno. I think that this first step is obtained and that I can say that ratios between energies out and in (COP) of 1.3 and 1.4 have been reached with a satisfactory reproducibility. In the next step I will try to explain this phenomenon in order to increase the COP performances. So in conclusion this is what I did to see if I could get more energy out of this device than what I put in. No Im not a Scientest I only play one on the internet.

New Year and new goals.

I've been off the back on posting so I'm going to try and post at least once a month. I've been working on lots of new projects and have made some interesting findings and would like to share as much as possible. The main thrust of my studies have been in the area of alternative energy sources. This area is extremely controversial and I have attempted to stick to the science. I truly believe that solutions to our energy crisis could be found by a home experimenter. I'm not saying that will be me but I feel if I don't try to understand I'm doomed to never know. On my journey to understand I have come to learn things I never thought I would need to and I have found that learning for me is something that I truly enjoy and need. I have made what for me were amazing findings during late nights spent watching magnets spin in mid air and watching the star like glow of a high temperature electrolysis experiment. These I would like to share with you.