Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bi cone Tesla Coil

I have been reading a lot of Tesla's work and early on he experimented with cone shaped secondary coils. This is an interesting configuration and has come into particular interest regarding the generation of powerful electric arcs, as opposed to the generation of long electric arcs. Since Tesla's goal was to transmit power through the atmosphere he was primarily interested in generating intense electromagnetic radiation. The larger windings at the bottom of the secondary are able to absorb the most current from the primary, while the tapered format linearly increases the voltage in a proportional amount according to the electromagnetic falloff according to the distance from the primary. These conical coils often had no top load capacitor, and relied on the internal capacitance of the coil itself. This experiment clearly shows the distributed parameters in the components. I have built a Bi cone coil and have just started testing it. So far the results are impressive and will warrant further study.